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There is currently a waiting list of over 3 months for tests.
Please bear this in mind when considering how you want to learn.
Learn to Drive in a Week!

Yes, it's possible to learn to drive in just one week with an intensive course (you must already have passed your theory test).

We offer four hours' tuition each day, with a short break after 2 hours. That's 28 hours over a 7 day period. Courses can be tailored completely to your needs, and are based on a charge on 20 per hour. If you have some driving experience, you can choose a shorter course, or you can spread the lessons over a couple of weeks at times to suit you.

Examples of costs - 7 day course with 28 hours tuition - 560
5 day course with 20 hours tuition - 400 (for drivers with some experience)
2 day test preparation course for more experienced learners 160.

PLEASE NOTE! We cannot book your driving test. Local centres may have a long waiting list. Please contact us before you book your test. We'll then discuss dates and locations with you so that you decide when to do the test and when to have your course. Ideally you shouldhave your tuition in the week or so prior to the test date - its not advisable to take the course and then wait maybe several weeks for a test.

Because of the demand on our time, we will ask for a deposit of 100 on the first day of any intensive course.